XPID releases XPID Mobile and Watch App on AppStore!

Finally, true global citizenship has arrived.  Take control of your identification and become fully self-sovereign on the XPID Loyalty ID blockchain by downloading the XPID Mobile and Watch apps!

Download XPID today!

Given the exploitation of user IDs by Google, Amazon and Facebook, it’s time for consumers to start putting their ID and data back to work for them.  With the advent of Bitcoin, and the prospect of borderless currencies, the global economy is at a crucial bellwether moment – where the consumer and their interactions with enterprises and auctioned economies of scale becomes more and more painless, seamless and free of friction. But what if you could do it on your terms?

Do you really feel Facebook and its proposed currency Libra has your true interests at heart?  Of course not.

With XPID, self-sovereign identity is just a click away.  Take control of you ID.  It’s your life, your experiences – make that data work for you.

Here’s how it works: XPID users claim their global citizenship ID on the XPID Loyalty ID blockchain, they post reviews of their life experiences using the mobile and watch apps like you would normally do on social media.  XPID uses a clearing house with proof-0f-stake and proof-of-location verification – clearing enterprise smart contracts with requested reviews.  Once the contract clears, users claim their XPID tokens – and are incentivized for their feedback.

For too long have consumers not truly benefited from a decentralized efficient economy.  Isn’t it time – as we approach a borderless planet, where wallets are agnostic to which currencies we transact, that we begin to truly seize control of our purchasing power?

XPID – Your Loyalty ID Self Sovereignty.


About XPID: XPID provides global citizenship through a Loyalty ID blockchain economy creating a white-label, enterprise survey and loyalty smart contract platform, sourcing user reviews on a watch and mobile app, incentivizing businesses and consumers with the XPID token, and floating an efficient, experiential loyalty economy.