Tokenizing Customer Feedback and Loyalty Rewards

The XPID dApp gives consumers ownership of their customer feedback and loyalty points through web3 tokenomics - by providing enterprises a way to build, deploy and incentivize geo-located customer feedback, NFTs, and loyalty program campaigns via smart contract.
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XPID tokenizes loyalty rewards and customer reviews!

How does XPID work?

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XPID is the first loyalty incentive protocol that helps enterprises eliminate loyalty program liability by tokenizing rewards and customer feedback, while providing consumers Web3 ownership of their loyalty and customer feedback data!

Post a review of your experiences using the XPID dApp!

  • Check in to your location of your experience, review the experience, and be rewarded for your loyalty.
  • Local businesses incentivize your loyalty by offering deals and promotions for your reviews and experiences.
  • Earn XPID Tokens!

For Consumers:

  • Finally, Web3 Ownership of customer feedback and loyalty point data.
  • Loyalty points converted to XPID tokens – and exchanged cross-program, cross-chain into liquid currencies.

Enterprises tokenize loyalty programs in one app!

  • Offer deals and promotions for your reviews and experiences.
  • Force your loyalty programs to work for you! XPID promotes cross-program interoperability of loyalty program points.

A Win-Win For Enterprise:

  • Campaigns become liquid, personable with optimized redemptions barriers.
  • Real-time geo-located customer feedback on-chain tailored to custom campaigns
  • Easily deploy loyalty/NFT/token campaigns for promotions, marketing and feedback.