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Decentralizing your loyalty rewards!

The XPID app creates the first loyalty incentive platform and wallet where consumers earn rewards for their life experiences, and reclaim their points and ID using verifiable credentials and a decentralized identifiers.
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Your Decentralized Loyalty Program

Download the XPID App today!

  • Take control of your loyalty identity.
  • Consolidate your loyalty program points into one sovereign wallet.
  • Post reviews and earn rewards on your life experiences.

How does XPID work?

  • Post a review of your experiences using XPID!

Check in to your location of your experience, review the experience, and be rewarded for your loyalty.

  • Earn XPID Tokens!

Local businesses incentivize your loyalty by offering deals and promotions for your reviews and experiences.

  • Consolidate your loyalty programs on one app!

Force your loyalty programs to work for you! Tell them you want your points verified with your XPID ID.

How is this a win-win for consumers and businesses?

XPID puts loyalty programs on a decentralized ledger (blockchain) to create an enterprise loyalty analytics, customer feedback, and smart contract platform.

This eliminates loyalty program liability by incentivizing consumers through a sovereign wallet using verified credentials, sourcing user reviews on a watch and mobile app, and floating an efficient, experiential loyalty economy.