XPID releases XPID Mobile and Watch App on AppStore!

Finally, true global citizenship has arrived.  Take control of your identification and become fully self-sovereign on the XPID Loyalty ID blockchain by downloading the XPID Mobile and Watch apps! Given the exploitation of user IDs by Google, Amazon and Facebook, it’s time for consumers to start putting their ID and data back to work for […]

Chipping your XPID

Attended a chip insertion party, yet? Truly obtain POS, POL, or POW status as more providers, requestors and locations come online.  Have that security of double proof with your posts, integrating you into the XPID platform. Seems far-fetched? Thousands of swedes are inserting microchips under their skin (NPR)

Why Self-Sovereignty Matters?

Distributed ledgers have done more than just anonymize data and secure individuals identities.  It has democratized data integrity in an efficient way.  Why would large global financial institutions balk one day on the technological and philosophical advances of blockchain one day, but quietly move to put their own initiatives in place for a ledger strategy […]