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Take control of your loyalty ID and economy!

The XPID ledger and sovereign wallet allow the agnostic transaction of digital currencies in the loyalty economy. As consumers and global citizens, we can move beyond borders – and finally transact using our own ID, our data and be rewarded for those experiences.

Download XPID today!

How does XPID work?

  1. Post a review of your experiences using XPID!
    • Check in to your location of your experience, review the experience, and be rewarded for your loyalty.
  2. Earn XPID Tokens!
    • Local businesses incentivize your loyalty by offering deals and promotions for your reviews and experiences.
  3. Consolidate your loyalty programs on one app!
    • Force your loyalty programs to work for you! Tell them you want your points verified with your XPID ID.

Finally, true global citizenship has arrived.  Take control of your identification on the XPID Loyalty ID blockchain by downloading the XPID Mobile and Watch apps!

Download XPID today!

The XPID Mobile App

Consumers can download the mobile app on the Appstore today!

Download the app and leave reviews on your experiences and earn XPID today!  Manage your identity on the XPID ledger, consolidate all your loyalty programs and post your experiences while socializing your experiences to the world.

Users will be able to see locally-sourced deals and promotions based on geo-fenced locations and notifications, in addition to those experiences of shared friends and family.

XPID Watch App

Consumers can download the watch app on their respective app/playstore today!

Download the app, and begin to check in your experiences and reviews. Based on the watch’s ability to geo-locate, a user can post a review based on their experience, and begin to receive XP.  Thus begins the XP token economy – demand for reviews through issuance of enterprise smart contracts, and payment with the XP token.