Why Loyalty on a Blockchain?

The XPID Loyalty Ledger

Businesses load their existing loyalty inventory onto the XPID Ledger and establish their credentials to verify loyalty program members, allowing secure transactions, analytic benchmarking toward program profitability and the elimination of loyalty program liability. Loyalty points are pegged to the XPID economy through the XPID token – creating a market for loyalty point consolidation and delivering true loyalty transaction costs. Enterprises will issue smart contracts for survey reviews / customer feedback and direct to consumer, locally sourced campaign promotions, while uploading and managing their loyalty program transactions securely to the XPID ledger – all managed by a user-friendly dashboard.

  • As both organizations’ loyalty programs and consumers create verifiable credentials on the ledger for their loyalty point inventory, loyalty program consolidation occurs and the XPID Ledger creates a frictionless, loyalty economy and wallet for all.
  • Consumers earn XPID tokens in exchange for consumer survey reviews and consolidate their loyalty program incentives and points on the XPID Ledger, transact in real-time and convert to digital currency.
  • All loyalty program points are benchmarked against the XPID token – creating seamless loyalty point fungability across currencies – giving you real-time transaction value reporting.

Proof-of-Location and Proof-of-Stake working for both consumer and business…

  1. Enterprise (Issuer/Requestor) makes request, buys XPID to fund the contract and economy.
  2. Issuer/Requestor issues smart contracts for XPID reviews.
  3. Customers (Providers/Holders) provide/submit XPID review to XPID Ledger
  4. XPID Ledger receives XPID review, validates against requested smart contract.
  5. Requestor extracts data from smart contract, validates review and releases XPID.
  6. Provider/Holder receives XPID token in exchange for XPID review.

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Finally, true global citizenship has arrived.  Take control of your identification on the XPID Loyalty ID blockchain by downloading the XPID Mobile and Watch apps!

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