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Your Loyalty Program on a Blockchain

XPID creates the first interoperable loyalty incentive platform using blockchain and smart contract technology, aggregating your customer's loyalty into renewed engagement, feedback, transactions and crisp analytics, eliminating loyalty liability while consolidating a fragmented loyalty incentive industry.
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Your Loyalty Program Management software on a blockchain

XPID consolidates all loyalty programs on a blockchain incentivizing businesses and consumers with the universal, exchangeable XPID token, eliminating loyalty program liabilities, creating a loyalty analytics and customer feedback smart contract platform, sourcing user reviews on a watch and mobile app, and floating an efficient, experiential loyalty economy.

Universal Point Consolidation

Optimize your programs profitability and eliminate your loyalty point liability immediately by authorizing XPID fungibility allowing your customer to exchange into digital currencies.

Optimize your Program’s profitability

XPID eliminates loyalty breakage – removes liability from your balance sheet. Customers are free to transact and secure their identity data.

Real-time Loyalty Transaction reconciliation

Instantaneous balance adjustments on close of business transactions.

Fungibility and Exchangeability of one loyalty currency

Tokenization of loyalty points worldwide finally allows a legitimate loyalty economy allowing consumers to exchange loyalty for currencies anywhere in the world and use them when they want where they want.


Decentralized storage of loyalty data and verified credentialing of identities.

Increased Direct, New and Repeat Sales

Push campaign promotions with the XPID platform through suggestions of most likely customers due for a visit/repeat purchase.

How is this a win-win for consumers and businesses?

  • Businesses/Requestors will claim their ID, open smart contracts for reviews, and buy into the XPID currency exchange.  Enterprises choose their feedback program tier and level of economy participation into the exchange – in essence, creating and floating an efficient XPID loyalty economy.

  • Consumers take control of their ID and log their experiences on the XPID platform and receive locally relevant, geo-fenced promotions and deals.  When consumers meet the requirements of a requested experience and provide valued user feedback in the exchange, a smart contract is satisfied and XPID currency is allocated.