Your Loyalty Program on a Blockchain

XPID consolidates all loyalty programs on a blockchain incentivizing businesses and consumers with the universal, exchangeable XPID token, eliminating loyalty program liabilities, creating a loyalty analytics and customer feedback smart contract platform, sourcing user reviews on a watch and mobile app, and floating an efficient, experiential loyalty economy.
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XPID gives the efficiencies of the blockchain to your loyalty program



Your global ID and data are being exploited!

For consumers
  • Social networks/ad services fail at providing your ID security, yet they make billions off user’s IDs and data.
  • Socially-sourced deals and promotions fail to incentivize the consumer, and only add noise to their life experience.
  • Loyalty programs fragment across multiple businesses, expire and do little to add intrinsic value to the consumer experience.
  • Transacting across borders is currently prohibitive with rigid restrictions.  Digital wallet adoption is in its infancy; cryptocurrency markets remain volatile.
For Enterprises
  • Billions wasted on survey programs, social aggregation, market research, customer feedback and marketing spend.
  • CX feedback programs are inefficient and post-experiential, still blasting emails (spraying and praying) and not bearing fruit.


Global Citizenship in the Loyalty Economy!  Your Loyalty ID Self Sovereignty!  Finally, make your ID work for you and get incentivized for your life’s experiences and loyalty.

Reclaim your ID – Put your journey and your experience back on your terms.
XPID is a loyalty ID blockchain providing global citizenship to an efficient, experiential economy, incentivizing businesses and consumers through the XPID token!

Businesses/Requestors will claim their ID, open smart contracts for reviews, and buy into the XPID currency exchange.  Enterprises choose their feedback program tier and level of economy participation into the exchange – in essence, creating and floating an efficient XPID loyalty economy.

Consumers take control of their ID and log their experiences on the XPID platform.  When consumers meet the requirements of a requested experience and provide valued user feedback in the exchange, a smart contract is satisfied and XPID currency is allocated.  Consumers receive locally relevant, geo-fenced promotions and deals.

Global blockchain wallet services will become more agnostic how they transact currencies in this new world – as consumers, we as global citizens can move beyond borders – and gain true global citizenry.

Secure your XPID! Take control of your loyalty economy!

Take control of your ID from the Facebooks and the Googles of the world.  Own your experience, and invest your loyalty the way you want.

By securing your XPID, we, as consumers, enter a world where we all loyalty program behavior will be logged into a distributed ledger system – earning efficiencies of the market as local businesses compete for your attention and data, and floating your loyalty economy with the XP currency.

xpid homeUsing the watch or mobile app – voice your satisfaction and loyalty with the experience

Users can check into their location using the mobile or watch app and leave a satisfaction score, a loyalty score and a review with each experience.

Log your experience!

Users can choose to check in to their location of their experience, and log their experience, and earn XP tokens with your loyalty.

Earn XPID Tokens!

Local businesses incentivize your loyalty by offering deals and promotions for your reviews and experiences.

Socialize your experience with your friends!

Once their review has been logged, users can socialize their experiences through the mobile app.

Secure your XPID today! Secure your loyalty self sovereignty!