XPID Ledger

XPID Ledger (BFT Proof of stake)

How does this all work? Businesses issue smart contracts for survey reviews. Consumers earn XP tokens in exchange for consumer survey reviews. Direct locally-sourced deals and offers. Decentralized blockchain loyalty wallet from consumer to provider.



  1. Requestor makes request, buys XP to fund the contract and economy.
  2. Requestor issues smart contracts for XPID reviews.
  3. Providers provide/submit XPID review to XPID network
  4. XPID Network receives XPID review, validates against requested smart contract.
  5. Requestor extracts data from smart contract, validates review and releases XP.
  6. Provider receives XP token in exchange for XPID review.

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Still interested in how to participate?  Download the XPID whitepaper to get the latest information on the XPID Ledger, the XPID apps, and XP ICO!  Take control of your ID in the XPID loyalty economy and a new borderless world.

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