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XPID Loyalty Analytics

Ready to eliminate loyalty program liability, yet increase customer engagement?

XPID allows you to manage your loyalty program, guage live metrics, and promote your business – all while creating the first interoperable loyalty incentive platform using blockchain and smart contract technology.

  • Aggregating your customer’s loyalty into renewed engagement, feedback, transactions and crisp analytics.
  • Eliminating loyalty liability and consolidating a fragmented loyalty incentive industry.

Program profitability at your finger tips. . .

Loyalty Analytics

Discover your most loyal customers through individual profiles and customer analytics, all benchmarked against the XPID app.

Increased Direct, New and Repeat Sales

Push campaign promotions with the XPID platform through suggestions of most likely customers due for a visit/repeat purchase.

Real-time Loyalty Transaction reconciliation

Instantaneous balance adjustments on close of business transactions

Optimize your Program’s profitability

XPID eliminates loyalty breakage – removes liability from your balance sheet. Customers are free to transact and secure their identity data.


Decentralized storage of loyalty data and verified credentialing of identities.

Customer Analytics from app