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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A lot of people have questions.  We get it.  Here are the answers to some of yours.

What is Self-sovereignty?

Pretty simple.  One planet, one species preparing for when currencies tied to borders won’t matter.  XPID allows individuals their own economy, there own bank, their own wallet and their own identity all through a BFT proof of stake blockchain. Call it what you will – global citizenship in your own little country – or simply your entire identity/wallet on your wrist.  XPID is an efficient market of one’s data for locally-sourced deals and patronage, quantifying loyalty and patronage through the XPID token.

As global citizens, we all bleed red – and need the ability to experience our own experiences in our own way.  Why let one state’s citizenship determine where you go globally?

How do I start earning XPID tokens?

Download the app. As you journey through life’s experiences, leave a review at your location.  If the location has smart contracts set to receive data on that experience, your user experience will be logged on the exchange, proof of stake verified, then executed into the chain, and XPID tokens will be issued to your account.

Can I leave an XPID review anywhere?

Exactly. We exist as geo-located specs on a map, and all data is valuable.  Of course, XPID algorithms will understand if a location is being spammed by one account, so don’t get cute, but the idea is to pass satisfaction and loyalty of the location and experience back to the smart contract requestors, and proof-of-stake will confirm or reject whether data is valuable or not.

How can I spend my XPID?

XPID will exist in your wallet in the app – but can exist in any of the agnostic exchanges or wallets that are able to support the XPID token today.  The easiest way is to use the XPID app, and find locally-sourced deals near your location, promotions will be offered online, or when you pass a geo-fenced location – extended to you through the XPID app notifications.  Options will be presented to you as a consumer, and goods and services will be transacted for the XPID token.

I’m a business owner – how can I take advantage of the XPID platform, get my XPID for my business, and access what my customers are saying about me?

If you are the registered owner of a business, and you would like to take advantage of the XPID loyalty economy, download the app and claim your XPID.

XPID will offer a freemium model to access certain amounts of data on your location each month, but other enterprise tiers of customer feedback will exist on the XPID enterprise platform.

The XPID enterprise platform will allow you to buy into the XPID economy, establish smart contracts of your own – and become a requestor of user data.  Geo-fence requirements will be established, allowing your business to push geo-fenced notifications/promotions in real time as the customer is interacting with your goods and services on-site.