About Us

XPID provides global citizenship to a new loyalty economy.

At XPID, we believe that as the world achieves diversity in globalism, global citizenship allows one seamless consumer experience, where multiple currencies blend into a user’s wallet and transmit across borders – creating user independence and purchasing power without borders. Enterprises will achieve increased efficiencies of scale in competing for traffic, marketing spend and promotions, delivering increased engagement opportunities with their customer.

As global citizens, we do not need more walls dictating where we can live and how we spend currencies. We want to be free to take control of our ID and dictate how we choose to live our lives.

Our Story

Everyone has a different journey.  The creators of XPID are no different.

We’ve all crossed borders in some shape or other – why should they hold us back?

We’ve all encountered inefficient customer or life experiences, and yearned to give valued feedback that wouldn’t go unanswered.

We’ve all watched how existing social networks, businesses and loyalty programs have logged our valuable data, failed to compensate us for it, or failed to maintain our ID security in the simplest sense.

We envision the day when consumers circumnavigate the globe using one secure identity and utilize one currency based on their experiences.

XPID and the XP token plan to do just that.

Meet the Team

Jon H. Black

Founder & CEO

Jon Black has 12+ years in the survey analytics and loyalty market research industries, and a whole life traversing and breaking down borders.  He is a CX blockchain advocate with a passion for predictive consumer behavior.  A published writer and researcher in both the hospitality, banking & finance, and oil & gas industries, Jon was a keynote speaker at the 2017 Arglye CX Forum and a speaker at Cornell’s distinguished 2014 Hospitality Research Summit.  He has an MSc in Financial Economics from Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey and a BA in Hotel/Restaurant Administration from Washington State University.

Mitesh Mungara

Lead Developer

Mitesh Mungara has 12+ years experience in web and mobile development.  He has a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) – Computer Science from SRIMCA in Gujarat, India.

Interested in joining the team?

If you think you have what it takes to join XPID, please reach out to us at info@xpid.co, pitch us in the subject line and describe in the body how you would add value, or highlight what we may have missed.

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